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  • Failure can be a feature too

    Tags: innovation, community, chicago, ideas, business

    What’s the common thread between design, failure, and innovation? Disparate elements they all are, to be sure, but nonetheless, after reading my thoughts on some of the points brought up by some of today’s leaders in tech entrepreneurship, I think the connection will be clear as day.


  • It's On

    Tags: orchard, infestation, business, azure

    Welcome to my website! I'm going to be posting more in coming days as I put together more content for Infestation. It's always interesting how much time is spent running a business that doesn't have anything to do whatsoever with actually building a game. I decided to host this site in the Azure cloud, using Orchard as the main app. I chose Orchard because it had been refactored and tested for Azure, and I liked the powerful simplicity of the features it offered. Azure can be a bit tricky at times, as it took me a while to realize that while I'd set up the subscription a few months earlier, I hadn't yet gotten all of the correct certificates installed. In addition, I had a re-tread afternoon when I had to add the RDP settings into the service def and config files.