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  • Failure can be a feature too

    Tags: innovation, community, chicago, ideas, business

    What’s the common thread between design, failure, and innovation? Disparate elements they all are, to be sure, but nonetheless, after reading my thoughts on some of the points brought up by some of today’s leaders in tech entrepreneurship, I think the connection will be clear as day.


  • Keep your //Build, I want an Idea

    Tags: community, chicago, ideas, tech industry

    chicago-searsMany people in .NET-land attended or have been reading about from afar (like me) the //BUILD conference, where I’m told that attendees got hooked up with a shiny new tablet computer as well as seeing some really cool things planned for the future of Windows, the cloud, and .NET. It appears that the spirit of Oprah has already migrated west, but that won’t slow down the windy city because we’ve got something more important than any sweet sweet swag or learning about the latest in developer tooling – Ideas.