What is (a) Liquid Electron?

Also, about Me

If you're here to read about Josh's business experience, please click here to view his online resume via Stackoverflow Careers.

is a software developer residing in the middle of the Second City - Chicago. After attending "The U" for something... other than computers, he nonetheless started developing software for various businesses and in varying capacities. After doing this for a number of years and getting competent in it, he went independent with his work. It just so happened that this event coincided with the announcement of Windows Phone 7 and XNA. Excited by the business and learning opportunities this presented, he launched Liquid Electron in mid-2010. In addition to programming, Josh enjoys reading, playing his guitar, and of course, gaming.

P.S. - According to Wikipedia, an Electron Liquid - a "Liquid Electron" - is a "model system used by physicists to theoretically study interactions among electrons". I'm not going to pretend that I know what that is or how it works, but it sure makes for a cool name. Yeah, I'm a geek.

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