What is (a) Liquid Electron?

About Me

is a technologist residing in Chicago. If you're here to read about Josh's business experience, his LinkedIn profile can be found here. His latest side project is authoring the book Going the Distance with Babylon.js along with developing and maintaining the book's corresponding Space-Truckers OSS project.

From his home in the Windy City, Josh likes to spend time in the outdoors, particularly working with wood in his woodshop when the weather indicates, and gaming or reading when it doesn’t.

Liquid Electron was launched in mid-2010 as a vehicle for both professional consulting/contracting work and as a brand for exploring exciting areas in the technology space.

How and Where to Find Me

A Note on this website's name:

According to Wikipedia, an Electron Liquid - a "Liquid Electron" - is a "model system used by physicists to theoretically study interactions among electrons". There's a metaphor for life somewhere in that description, I'm sure...