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Welcome to my website! I'm going to be posting more in coming days as I put together more content for Infestation. It's always interesting how much time is spent running a business that doesn't have anything to do whatsoever with actually building a game. I decided to host this site in the Azure cloud, using Orchard as the main app. I chose Orchard because it had been refactored and tested for Azure, and I liked the powerful simplicity of the features it offered. Azure can be a bit tricky at times, as it took me a while to realize that while I'd set up the subscription a few months earlier, I hadn't yet gotten all of the correct certificates installed. In addition, I had a re-tread afternoon when I had to add the RDP settings into the service def and config files.

Note to anyone wanting to run Orchard in the Azure cloud: be careful installing new modules that you've downloaded; you can literally brick your entire Orchard install (like I did...).

Josh Elster

Josh Elster

A long-time veteran of the software industry ranging between enterprise architecture to creative site design and many points in-between, each challenge only shows how much there is to learn out there!

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