Help using postcardsfromskyrim

Help! I'm having trouble using the site!

The PostcardApp is designed to provide a rich experience for users. It is still, however, a work in progress. As a result, some things may not be all the way there yet. Here's a quick guide to getting started:

There are two main ways that you will enter the PostcardApp: one as a result of navigating to the site's home page, and two, navigating directly to a specific postcard in response to view a postcard that was sent. No matter which means you've arrived at the site, you will be presented with the front view of a postcard (either a specific postcard or a randomly selected one).

Things you can do on the site

Browsing, customizing, and sharing are the primary activities that the PostcardApp provides to users. Here's a quick list of some things to do:

  • Click anywhere inside the postcard to toggle between viewing the front or back of the card.
  • The Customize link opens an edit panel allowing you to modify various aspects of the card including the image displayed on the front, text on the back, and the front salutation's text/formatting
  • While viewing the front of the card, you can click and drag to move the salutation to any location within the front of the card. If you find that the text is wrapping in an undesirable fashion, try shifting the location of the text away from the right-side a bit. 
  • In the edit pane, click "Select an Image" to bring up a listing of categories to which the various available images belong. Narrow your selections by clicking a category, then apply your selection by clicking the desired image. It will replace the previous image on the front of the postcard.
  • (forthcoming) Click the "Share!" link to explore the various methods of sharing your creation with friends.

Using the site from a mobile or tablet device

The PostcardApp is designed with accessibility in mind - users accessing the site should have a consistent, clean experience no matter what form factor device they are using. The layout for the site automatically adapts to the available screen width, shifting elements as needed, so feel free to switch between landscape and portrait as needed. There are unfortunately still some rough edges to this however. Here is a list of currently known issues accessing the site from non-desktop based browsers:

  • Dragging the salutation does not currently function on touch screens. This will hopefully be addressed in the near future. 
  • Below about 800px width, the front of the card's formatting breaks. This is purely a formatting issue, but until it is resolved, a temporary workaround is to view the front of the site in landscape mode (most devices have a sufficient width in pixels to accomodate the front's layout)

Browser-specific issues

It can be shocking to consider, but it's been more than a decade since the fabled Browser Wars between Internet Explorer and Netscape ended with IE being the victor. Despite cross-browser compatibility improving greatly in the intervening years, and despite the site's utilization of components and libraries intended to mitigate browser differences, there are still many inconsistencies in how browsers choose to display sites. The list of browsers by version that the site has been verified to work against is below:

  • FireFox: 11.0
  • FireFox: 4.0 - 10.0 (basic functionality verified)
  • Internet Explorer 9 (use of compatibility mode is not recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 9 - WP7.5 "Mango" devices (see above for known issues regarding touch devices)
  • Internet Explorer 8 (basic functionality verified)
  • Safari 5 (Mac OS - basic verification, iOS 5 - see above for known issues on touch devices)
  • Chrome 7-16 (basic functionality verified, some non-blocking rendering defects present)
  • Chrome 17 (rel. 2012-02-08)